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My name is Dr. Marcus L. Howard Pastor, National Speaker,  Founder of Believe & Go Digital Academy,  Entrepreneur Trainer and Best-Selling Author.  For years, I have been considering gathering some of the great spiritual thinkers together for a time of "REASONING TOGETHER," but the time was never right.  Now, finally, GOD has given the complete plan to fulfill the vision.
We are looking for 40 KINGDOM MINDED people that believe in seeking GOD's deeper understanding, to join Dr. Marcus Howard in his endeavor of sharing the possibilities of an added viewpoint to the Word and Voice of GOD.  If you have been sitting on revelation and pondering it amongst yourself, and you would like to be considered as one of the co-authors, please read the information below and follow the steps to be considered for this extraordinary opportunity!
We look forward to partnering with you.


Be a Contributing Author

* Opportunity to be a potential Amazon Best Seller


* Opportunity to Co-Author with current Best Sellers


* Opportunity to have your story heard


* Opportunity to give advice to other entrepreneurs looking to succeed


* Opportunity to expand your influence and brand


* Opportunity to potentially train in one or more of BGDA's training events


1. Will I be able to order books for me to sell when I need them?


Yes, we will set up a print on demand account whereby you will be able to order books when you need them.



2. Can I set the date for books to arrive?


No, most print on demand services based delivery dates on the demand they have from all their customers collectively.  If printing during a season is slow, of course, the faster your books will be shipped to you. If it is a heavy demand season, delivery of books will take longer. For example, Christmas.



3. What is the recommended time range to allow when ordering books.


2 to 3 weeks.  You never know what delays printer or shipping company (UPS, FedEX, etc.) may have



4. Who owns the rights to the book?


Marcus Howard Ministries and/or RedInk Resources



5. Do I own the rights to my story?


Yes, you will remain the sole owner of the rights to your OWN story/contribution.  You can use it in any way you choose. In addition, we will not use it for any other purposes other than as an insert in this project and when necessary for promotion of this project.



6. What imprint will it be printed under?


It will be printed under the RedInk Resources imprint.



7. When will the book be released?


The exact date is still to be determined and is pending timely submission of all contribution. However, our goal is to release the project the first quarter of 2018.



8. How much does it cost for me to participate.


Base cost: $500. To learn more, review the package information section.



9. Is there a payment plan available?


Yes, but half of the selected package must be paid in advance as a deposit to secure the requested package.



10. Can I get my money back if I don't finish my section by the deadline?


No, All investments are non-refundable.  Investments will be forfeited if the final submission deadline is missed, without previous written permission regardless of circumstance.  If your submission should be rejected for any reason a refund minus a $150 application/processing fee may be given within 30 days of the rejection.



11. Will I receive royalties from the book?


No, However, every contributing author will have the ability and authority to purchase the project at cost and sell it at the established suggested retail price.


PKG1: Picture & Story inside of book: $500 (40 spots available) 

PKG2: Picture & Story inside of book, plus name on back cover: $600 (only 10 spots available)


PKG3: Picture & Story inside of book, name on back cover, plus picture on front cover: $800 (only 6 spots available)


PAYMENT PLAN: One-half due to secure your spot. The balance due the following month


*5-10 pages in book

*750-1500 word limitation

*Manuscript must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (no PDFs)


December 1, 2017 or until options are full 

**All packages are on a first pay bases

**Deposit or full payment does not guarantee acceptance but is required for consideration

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