Below are the links to the special upgrade rates for you as a confirmed speaker.  Should you have any questions, please contact us at:




Speaker Q&A

1) Can I record my presentation and use the footage to create my own sizzle reel later? 

     NO, recording is allowed, as we will have a professional team there to record.  However,                 video copies will be made available after the summit.

2) Can I take candid photos with the audience and guests as well? 


3) For the 60-120 second vid promo, what would you like me to speak about? Do you have script that I can follow? 

     Just let the potential attendees know of your excitement to be coming to KBS18.  You can add         a very brief summary or title of what you will training on as well. 

4) Also for the 30-60 second vid clip of my presentation, I am assuming it could be anything I'd like to promote my presentation? 

     This is for any product/services promo you may have

Can I tie this in with the 60-120 second vid above? 

     We prefer this stays separate 

5) I would like to reserve a speaker table for my book and other marketing materials. Now, question - since I maybe leaving early that weekend, possibly Friday or Saturday, do I need to break down the table before I leave? 

      No early breakdowns of booths will be allowed unless previously approved by Summit                    Hosts! Any, early breakdowns that occur without previous written approval will be fined as          per speakers agreement letter.

6) Where should I send the payment for $118 to receive the email list of the attendees? 

     Click Here for the links for the E-List, Additional Staff, and Premier Exhibitor Space should           you need them.

7) Do I need to reserve my hotel now? Or would the reservation under my name be taken care of prior to my arrival? Not sure if I need to reserve it directly or not. 

     We will be taking care of this for you

8) What is the address to mail in the 300 flyers by Sept. 15, 2018? 

      P.O. Box 141452 Broken Arrow, OK 74014


Speaker Add-Ons 

Premium Exhibitor
Add Additional Staff
Email List


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