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“Often, all an organization needs to move forward is excellent outside motivation.

Dr. Marcus L. Howard

"Believe & Go" 

There is nothing like Believing You Can do whatever task you find yourself facing and going after it with confidence.


Marcus gives 3 POWERFUL reasons why you should "Believe You Can" in this informational and empowering seminar.


"Live Life on Purpose"

The power of knowing and pursuing your purpose is game-changing.  


Marcus moves participants to begin defining and seeking out their purpose in every area of their lives.  


"Leadership: The Inverted Pyramid"

The greatest leader is the greatest servant.


Marcus uses his twenty-plus years of proven leadership to help participants move from being just a "Good Leader" to becoming an "Effective Leader" in 3 ESSENTIAL steps.



These seminars are received well in all environments including High School, College/University, Corporate/Small Business, and Church settings!



Attend one of Pastor Marcus' seminars or host one of his influential seminars at your own location. 


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