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"Marcus has a passion for helping people reach their God given potential and unlocking their creativity.  He has a big heart and a desire to see people enhance their life through transformative ministry.."  -Earl Johnson VP University of Tulsa

"Your Energy was contagious!"  -Chris Montgomery, AL

"I truly enjoyed your training. You instilled so much value in me today alone and I look forward to working with you in the to lead others to a life unlimited."  -Shaun Montgomery, AL

"Thank you for the awesome SNIPER Focus Training.  You simplified the message and it hit home." -Jason Montgomery, AL

"You really encouraged me to step up and be a better leader for my team."                                   -Maria  Montgomery, AL

"Thank you for your excellent presentation. Absolutely phenomenal.  God's word woven into the fabric of your training made it even better.   Looking forward to seeing more of you in the very near future." -Rod Montgomery, AL

"I love the book (Believe You Can)!! It is so in line with the path I am currently on, all about discovering God's purpose for me and learning the importance of relying on God's timing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It feels good whenever you make God smile!"  -Melodie Tulsa, OK 

"My husband finished it (Believe You Can) and was hyped about it, so I said let me check it out and truth be told, I'm not a book reader, so yea its AWESOME!  My co-worker kept nudging me because I would forget to log calls due to reading it.   I'll definitely keep my eyes open for the second one!"

-Deneitra Littlerock, AR

"This well-written book gives the reader a step by step lesson into the why’s and how’s of taking God at His word. Believe You Can is tailor-made for anyone ready to resurrect lost dreams and missed chances. Marcus Howard’s timely book will have a prominent place on my bookshelf."       -Christy Jaye

"A TRULY INSPIRING BOOK (Believe You Can)!  Thank you, Pastor Howard. I truly enjoyed this great read. With the grace of God, I believe I can! Looking forward to your next book."  -D. Jean

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